So, wintermageddon, is that where we’re headin’?

Considering human history and its penchant for wars, which until now have kept the numbers down, now the numbers are way up, as is the scale of devastation we are capable of. If nature is a combination of rhythms established over millennia, then the cycle of war and peace may be one of them and so inevitable.

After the two world wars of the last century, the power mongers have been wary of flexing their freshly toned military muscles. Never before had so many perished in meaningless battle. But should the dogs be unleashed today, world wars 1 & 2 would be schoolyard gang fights by comparison.

Since the 1950s, world leaders have at worst been spitting at each other from a safe distance, shaking their fists and yelling threats and abuse. Should the ‘gloves off’ ‘that’s it’ buttons be pressed, we’re all toast. Yet the aftermath might not be so awful.

If all human life were eradicated, nature might well breathe a sigh of relief. More likely, a ‘remnant’ or two would survive. The entire techno/digital infrastructure will have gone up in smoke. Rebuilding it, if anyone could be bothered, would take a while.

Life, indeed survival, would be a moment to moment challenge. Our simplest, basic needs would take all our time and energy.

mode of transport – feet

diet – whatever we could scavenge, or in time grow

shelter and warmth for the night – a luxury

The survivors would quickly develop a new toughness. They would need to be alert to all aspects of the now. They’d be fully alive! Dwelling on the past or pondering the future would be a dangerous non option. Would it bring the best or the worst out in us?

My instincts tell me the direst circumstances incline people to draw close and join together to face the unknown future. Past bickering is forgotten as each others needs are more readily perceived and acknowledged.

Sounds positively Christian!

Author: georgebacon

writer and performer of to keep moving....happier on the way than arriving...