share reality

I try to acknowledge my fellow creatures. Its not always easy but surely its worth an effort?

Where I live, a hallowed seat of learning in the east of England, you’d be forgiven for thinking many of the human variety prefer to be ignored, not looked at, or spoken to….not approached in any way!

I’m not asking for your hand in marriage, a night in the sack, or the keys to your car; but I don’t want to pretend you’re not there, as if I absolutely didn’t care.

So give us a nod, some sign of recognition, a simple affirmation that this reality is shared.

we’re all complicit

wasted earth

We have had it so easy in recent years. Now we’re realising to varying degrees that our earth, our planet, is being handed the bill. In order to become the lazy bunch of slobs we mostly are, we have taken far more from the planet than we ever needed.

We’re sucking the hearts out of ourselves; greedy bastards who rather than enjoy and be part of the earth, choose to put it in harness, and by the nature of things we are all complicit.

Many of us are aware of this, but many more are not, and none of us are in any hurry to start reining in our appetites.



I’m longing for you
forever longing for you
I’m longing for the one
who’s longing for me

pretty young blonde woman with a dark haired young child in a pushchair…
every 10 seconds or so she bends down, tickles him and giggles…
he is dying of joy!…

beautiful young swan,
dirty grey colour,
yearning to be white?..
how much does a swan yearn?

guy on a bike
with a big wooden box on the front
like a wheelbarrow
with 2 kids in it
wearing helmets
and singing at the top of their lungs…

in everyone is a deep longing..
a wild mix of exquisite pain and exquisite joy
beyond our control…
perhaps that longing is what we truly are,
and also what we all have in common